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 Post subject: Re: Shiny new RP room
PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:45 pm 
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After a while of not having any luck finding her, I give up for now. She'll be okay I convince myself. Oh, also, I almost forgot. The first matches of the Battle Team's tournament should be starting soon. Wouldn't want to miss any! I still have some time though, so there's no big hurry. I'll wander around the festival area for a little more.

Hmm, not much here piques my interest after all. Maybe it's because I'm running a lil low on money, and would rather not do too much shopping. And I don't believe in these stands that claim things about fortunetelling, and the half the games are just a way to make money from fooling people. Like those water gun shooting games, where the gun could easily be rigged. I'm not feeling festive enough for that kinda stuff. Some are genuinely cool tho, but something stands above all else. The Battle Team's tournament! I didn't catch the exact timing when the matches start, but I wanna be there on time. This is an exception, I must find good seats. I ask around so I can find the Stadium, and once I get enough intel I make my way there.

Despite the city being pretty massive, the walks here don't feel too long. Maybe it's because everything is so well centered, and every road leads to somewhere. Haven't come to a dead end yet, not once. After a while I reach the Stadium, and oh boy is it glorious!
Plenty of people seem to be entering right about now. It's not the biggest rush hour I don't think, but a safe assumption would be that it won't be long till the matches kick off. I navigate myself right to the front seats, because I wanna be right in the face of the action. It's not the smartest move, but heck it makes this all the more immersive.

Even though there's so many people around, I still feel kind of lonely. I usually wouldn't, but the difference here is the fact that Haunter is gone. I don't mind being alone at all, in fact I prefer it. But that's when it comes to people, Haunter is a different case.
I finish up my "breakfast", then decide to leave the garden. Hm, maybe the festival attracted him? That could be it. I wasn't intending on going, but I feel as if I have to.

Moti is at an all time high. The RP is back bois!

 Post subject: Re: Shiny new RP room
PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:43 pm 
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I reached inside my coat and retrieved the two Pokeballs that contained Ralts and Riolu and released them. For most of my life they had been my sole friends, Morgan was a black name in high society, and it's hard to relate with everyone else when you know you'll never struggle like they do. There was Arthur of course, but he was more of a parental figure than a friend.

Riolu was excited by the atmosphere, although he didn't know what was happening, Ralts on the other hand was calm. I calmed Riolu down, and then leaned back in the chair waiting for the exhibition to start.


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