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PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2016 4:01 am 
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(Hey all, before we proceed, I'd just like to let you know how this came to be. The current PAL RP is quite prominent, and with people participating from different time zones and walks of life, I figure this would be a great place to kinda keep my writing skills sharp, lol! Mind you, these posts may get quite long, as I am posting them on an episodic basis. I can't say how many of these I plan to release, so bear with me. Giving it a read is greatly appreciated!)

(Anyway, here goes.)

Delivery Daredevils - Intro

Lunarton is a big city that never sleeps. It’s 20XX, and with technology in its current state, demands for things of all kinds are through the roof, which is where “speed couriers” like myself come in. What are speed couriers, you ask? We’re regular delivery people, but with a twist: we get our deliveries done as fast as possible and by any means possible, which means this line of work can get really ugly. I’ve lost quite a few close friends in this biz. The memories of all the good times I’ve had with those people continue to haunt me every night, but the fact still remains: this is my job. It’s the simple fact that I’m getting paid to drive at death-defying speed that keeps me alive.

Before you ask, I’ll just tell you right now: this job pays just enough to make ends meet. That’s right, with the over-saturation of smaller companies trying to hop on the gravy train, there’s bound to be tons of employees in this field. Naturally, changes would come as a result. As of five years ago, when you first apply for a position in one of these companies, there’s a mandatory driving competency test you take, a rite of passage so to speak. To make matters worse, you are responsible for bringing your own car, and the test is by no means easy. Hell, I barely passed mine. Anyway, on to the test: the task is deceptively simple. Make a delivery to another courier in the city. It sounds simple enough, right? Wrong.

A cup of water is placed in your car’s cup holder, and you’re required to deliver that same cup on time without a single drop of water spilled. That’s right. A cup of water. Made it on time, but have water on your dash? No cigar, Speed Racer. Water still intact, but you’re five minutes late? Time waits for no man, so what makes you think the customer is gonna wait for the delivery? The guidelines are beyond strict, but it’s for good reason: it’s to separate the elite from the ‘good’ drivers. Trust me, I know this much is true, some of the people I’ve seen apply for a position at some of these companies are ex-pro drivers, stunt drivers, even basic street racers - basically anyone born with a steering wheel in their hand have applied. Reality bites, but sometimes raw talent and experience behind the wheel isn’t enough. The best drivers are the ones that are one with machine, driving as a means of survival. Simply put, it’s not enough to be skilled, you need to be a multitude of things to be a speed courier.

Enough about requirements, you’re probably asking yourself what kind of cars speed couriers drive? They can range from beaters like this old Hachi-Roku to straight up street-legal race cars like Colt’s Ford GT. I personally drive a Nissan 180SX, not exactly the fastest thing on four wheels, but I’ve made a fair amount of modifications to keep it competent. While we’re on the topic of car modding, not too long ago, a gentlemen’s agreement was made in order to keep the playing field fair. Couriers' vehicles must not put out more than 600 horsepower and must not weigh less than 1200 kilos. Fair enough, but it doesn't change the fact that some of these vehicles we use can be dangerously fast.

I did mention the driver is responsible for their car right? Well, every company also has a clause in their contract that states that they are by no means responsible for your car...or your life. I mean, with how fast speed couriers drive, we aren’t exactly noted for our longevity in this line of work. You drive, make deliveries in a small timeframe, you get paid, end of story. I’d like to tell you more, but I’ve got a delivery to make. I’m Josh Steele, and maybe I’ll catch you on the asphalt sometime...if I’m still alive.

Is love mental disease or lucky fever dream?

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