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 Post subject: Choices Guide
PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:45 am 
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Hey guys, currently riding a guide/script on each different choice in the current demo. Not gonna be insanely in depth, but I'll list all the responses to the important choices/questions and list the different reactions to/from your fellow elective students, and I'll try and keep it comprehensive as to what they say with the different roommates, etc. It's quite a task so anybody who wants to chip in is more than welcome to. I expect the thread to get a bit cluttered. Reason I'm making a thread is because typing it in Word or Notepad and then doing the formatting in here is a pain in the ass, easier to do it here and just edit as I go. What I won't be doing is listing every line of dialogue in the game that changes based on the roommate you have. Even I won't go that far. Another thing to note is that I don't have an image for each different face the characters can make, so some of the message is lost.

If mods see this, once more choices are added the thread is going to be massive, so I'd appreciate spoiler tags to hide the majority of the text to allow people to scroll to what they want to find more easily. Any suggestions formatting wise or whatever are welcome.

Also at points after you make a choice sometimes the level up/move learned jingle plays. I asked on Twitter what this meant but got no answer. Contextually it happens when you make a choice and one of the female characters is happy about it. Thus, until I am told otherwise I will assume this is a way of letting the player know they've gained an 'affection point' with that character.

Choices Guide

Bold is the question. Text below is the response. Italics reflect inner thoughts.

First conversation with Blue

Image You'll never get ahead of me at this rate!

---We were on the same bus.
Image Blue…you greeted me when I got on the same bus as you. Remember?

Intuition increased!

ImageOh, yeah?


Image Well, yeah, of course I remember, you idiot! What, you think I’m stupid or something?!

Image Typical Blue response.

Image Ugh…I had a nickname for him when we were kids. What was it again?

---Why are we racing again?

Image I had no idea we were racing each other. I guess you win.

Image What? 'Racing?'

Image Look, <name>, it's the only way to motivate your lazy ass.

Image Thanks, I appreciate the completely-warranted concern.

Image Ugh…I had a nickname for him when we were kids. What was it again?

---I bow to you, mighty god of bus-catching.

Image You're so amazing, Blue.

Image How can I ever hope to be as efficient and good-looking as you?

Expression increased!

Image Heh, that's easy. You just have to train as hard as me every day for the rest of your life.

Image And I wouldn't call myself that efficient. You're just inefficient.

Image Why do I even bother?

Image Ugh…I had a nickname for him when we were kids. What was it again?

Asking Blue to be your roommate

Image Ugh, I can't believe I'm even considering him to be my roommate.

---Ask Blue if he wants to room.
Image Asking out of curiosity wouldn't hurt right...?

Image Yeah, I'm looking for a roommate.

Image How about you?

Image Hahaha!

Image Yeah, okay, <name>!

Image Dude, don't even try to lump me in with you.

Image You think a guy like me wouldn't have found a roommate by now?

Image I'm just here to see if there's anyone with as much talent as I have.

Image Speaking of which, you're holding me up. I've got better things to do.

Image Don't waste too much time, pal!

Image SMELL YA~~~

Image ...

Image I guess it's time to look around.

---Ditch him.

Image Yeah, like that's ever gonna happen.

Image I'm just going to go...this way.

Image Better hurry before you get paired with a loser like yourself!

Image SMELL YA~~~

Image ...

Image I guess it's time to look around.

I'm not going to fully cover each of the roommate's introductions as anybody who plays can talk to all four of them before deciding and get most of their dialogue.

Convincing Cheren to room with you

Image Hmm...maybe he needs a little push?

---Pokemon battle! If I win, we room.

Image Tell you what, man.

Image Let's have a Pokemon battle! And if I win, we'll room!

Appeal decreased!

Image Excuse me?

Image You can't be serious. Do you see where we are?

Image Guess he didn't like the joke.

Image First of all, none of us have any Pokemon at hand anyway.

ImageSecond of all, if you're trying to make a point, I get it, but your approach is all wrong.

Image Great, I told myself I'd cut down on these lectures...

Image 'Lectures?'

Image It's nothing.

Image But, I suppose the school wouldn't give single rooms to just anybody.

Image You seem like someone who anyone can get along with to an extent. Pardon me for judging you on the spot.

Image So I'm not against the idea of rooming with you.

Image If we do, don't even attempt pulling a stunt like this again.

Image Just ask like a normal person.

Image So...I guess Cheren's okay with rooming?

---Two heads are better than one.

Image Hey, it wouldn't hurt to have someone around to ask for second opinions and stuff. That's a roommate exclusive perk.

Appeal increased!

Image A perk, huh...

Image You're certainly not wrong about that.

Image I suppose it could be better rooming with someone who can share some thoughts and offer feedback.

Image And now that I think about it, the school wouldn't give single rooms to just anybody.

Image So it looks like Cheren's okay with rooming?

---Never mind.

Image Yeah, later. (cancels the dialogue)

Side Note: It looks like you can grab that appeal point from Cheren and then go room with somebody else anyway. I'll experiment and try to find out if there are any downsides (even a scolding in game) for doing so.

Reserving a room with Brendan

Image Standard bickering couple. Got it.

---Interrupt the conversation.

Image Whoops! Sorry about that, <name>.

Image Yeah, we should probably go reserve a room right now.

Image You can go ahead first, I'll catch right up!

Image Looking forward to seeing you around, <name>!

Brendan is now your roommate!

---Go reserve a room.

Image I'll just go ahead and do the reservations first, I guess?

Intuition increased!

Image Ah! Sorry about that, <name>.

Image You can go ahead first, I'll catch right up!

Image Brendan looks apologetic. I'm sure he means no harm.

Image I swear if the guy were a Pokemon, he'd be a newborn Growlithe.

Image Or a Lillipup. Something along those lines.

Image Looking forward to seeing you around, <name>!

Brendan is now your roommate!

---Ditch 'em.

Image Oh, I'll see ya around?

Image See you!

To room with Tierno or Trevor?

Image What should I do?

---Try rooming with Tierno anyway.

Image So how about it, Tierno?

Image Hmm?

Image Oh!

Image Yeah, if Trevs is okay with that, sure!

Trevor: I am one hundred percent okay with that.

Trevor: In fact, I strongly suggest it.

Trevor: I was just kidding earlier.

Trevor: Tierno is not loud at all. He wears headphones most of the time anyway and practices his dancing when and where appropriate.

Image That's reassuring.

Image Okay then! We're going now?

---Try rooming with Trevor instead.

Image What do you think, Trevor? Since you're not rooming with anyone.

Trevor: Huh, are you thinking about rooming with me instead?

Trevor: Are you certain about that?

Appeal increased!

Image Oh, yeah!

Image That could work, too!

Image Don't worry about me, guys. I can set up a random matchup.

Image I'm cool with any roommate, for real, though.

Trevor: No, truthfully, <name>, I think you and Tierno can room together. I will be fine.

Trevor: I was just kidding earlier.

Trevor: Tierno is not loud at all. He wears headphones most of the time anyway and practices his dancing when and where appropriate.

Image That's reassuring.

Image Oh! Yeah, if Trevs is okay with that, then sure!

Image We're going now?

---Try someone else.

Image Let me get back to you guys later.

Image Adios, buddy!

Calem Path - Meeting Serena

Image Oh, no. Quick, think of something to say!

---Hi, I'm Calem's homeroom teacher!

Image How are you? I'm Calem's homeroom teacher for the semester. A pleasure to meet you.

Image Goodness, I didn't know we were assigned our homerooms already! But you're so young! What do you teach?

Image What? No, he's not a teacher. And we haven't been assigned our homerooms yet. Don't take him so seriously.

Image Oh, it was a joke? How disappointing...

Image Well, that's one way to embarrass yourself.

Image Oh, my, look at the time!

*conversation returns to normal*

---With those glasses, I bet people mistake you for a Hoothoot.

Image Man, those glasses are funky. Are you dressing up for the Hoothoot convention?


Image Calem and Serena go silent and stare at me, like they're peering deep into the fathoms of my soul.

Image Wait, is Serena giggling?

Appeal increased!

Image Yes, I do suppose they are quite big, aren't they?

Image Would you believe me if I told you they were a present from my parents? Everyone thinks they're silly-looking but I think they're adorable!

Image I give Calem a quick glance. There's an exasperated but relieved look on his face.

Image Phew, looks like I managed to weasel my way out of this one.

Image Oh, my, look at the time!

*conversation returns to normal*


Image I didn't have anything to say, so I just smile goofily back at her.

Image She looks at me from head to toe, like she's inspecting a new piece of furniture. I can just feel my face lighting up like a Voltorb right now.

Image He seems nice!

Image Looks like I didn't embarrass myself this time.

Image Oh, my, look at the time!

*conversation returns to normal*

Meeting Leaf

Image What should I do?

---I guess there's really no choice.

Image There's no other way around it. And I suppose I should do what she says since it was because of me that we got into this mess in the first place.
Image Okay, I'll do it. But I'm covering my eyes while I'm in there.

Image The girl gives me a reassuring smile. Hey, she's actually kind of pretty when she smiles like that.

Image How noble. But looking inside isn't going to make your eyes implode or anything.

Image Now, not a peep from you while I'm gone.

Image She opens the door and gestures me inside.

Image Ladies first.

Image Ha. Ha.

---There's no way I'm going in there!

Image Fat chance. I've never been inside of a girl's bathroom for sixteen years and I'm not about to start now.

Image Nope, that goes against everything I stand for. Besides, what if someone else is in there? Then we'd really be in trouble.

Image I just checked, it's empty.

Image So that's why she went in before. I'll try and convince her with some hard facts.

Image But don't you feel weird letting a guy into the bathroom? What if I spread my guy germs in there?

Image Oh, for the love of-what are you, ten? Hurry up and get in there before I start getting mad!

Image Before I can argue any further, the girl opens the door and shoves me into the bathroom.

---Jump out the window. [1 Intuition required]

Image This might be a little drastic, but you know what they say. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Image I have a better idea.

Image You're making me go in there so I can hide from those girls, right?

Image Yeah? What about it?

Image And this is the second floor, am I right?


Image So, I should be able to theoretically survive a two-story fall from here since it's all grass below.

Image Hey, do those windows have locks on them?

Image Yeah, they do. What are you-

Image The girl stopped moving. I think she stopped blinking, too.

Image Uh oh, did I break her?

Image You didn't finish your sentence.

Image Are you telling me you want to jump out the window?

Image Well, of course I don't want to. But looking at the way things are now, that seems to be the most foolproof way out of this.

Image I'd be outside too, so I can find my way back to the entrance easily.

Image Two Pidgeys, one stone!

Image ...

Image Get in the bathroom.

Image But what about the window idea?

Image I said get in the damn bathroom!

Image The girl flings the door open and practically throws me in.

Calem Path - Asking Him About The Council

Image Can you ask Calem if he'd be interested in something like the student council?

---Sure, I can do that.

*Affection point gained for Serena (and maybe Cheren?)*

Image No problem.

Image I'll ask him when I see him.

Image Thanks, <name>!

Image But...can first years even get into the council?

Image That's not a concern.

---Nope, sorry.

Image I dunno...

Image Sounds like a hassle to me.

Appeal decreased!

Image Seriously...?

Image Looks like I didn't have to look far for an incapable student...

Image That's a shame.

Image I mean, you guys can ask him yourselves, right?

Image Or am I missing something here?

---Wait, count me in!

*Affection point gained for Serena (and maybe Cheren?)*

Image I'm not sure what's gotten into me, but...

Image Is it an adrenaline rush? Is it peer pressure? I can't even stop to think about it before I open my mouth.

Image Really. What am I about to get myself into?

Image I don't know about Calem, but I can definitely get in on this student council thing.

Appeal increased!

Image Oh?

Image You didn't seem like the kind of guy who'd want to be involved with something like that.

Image What a nice surprise.

Image Yes, this is an interesting turn of events.

Image This might make out to be quite the year.

Image Let's exchange contact information.

Image I'll keep you updated when classes start.

Image Right now this is little more than an idea.

Image Here's my info, too.

Recieved Cheren's and Serena's info!

Calem Path - The Student Council Part 2

Image What about you? Have you considered the council?

---Of course!

Image Are you kidding? I was born to be on the council! Bring it on!

Image I should let Serena and Cheren know about this next time I see them.

Image Interesting.

Image That'll make my decision a bit easier, but we'll see what happens when the time comes.

Image You can tell Serena I'll think about it.

---It's not for me.

Image It's really not for me.

Image Can't hurt to try, but I guess that's natural.

Image Like I said, it's a major responsibility. Plus, we're first-years after all.

Image There's still a lot for us to acclimate to before piling on even more burdens.

Image Though if you run into Serena again, you can tell her I'll think about it.

Cheren Path - Specific Goals

Image Do you have any specific goals you want to reach while attending this school?

---Learn as much as possible about Pokemon.

Image I'd like to learn as much as possible as I can about Pokemon here.

Image The answer's kinda boring, but straightforward, right?

Image I see. Well, that's important, of course, but to each his own.

---Socialize and make a bunch of friends.

Image You only get to enjoy this type of student life once, right?

Image I'd like to make the most out of it and meet new people.

Image I see. Well, that's important, of course, but to each his own.

---Go with the flow, I guess.

Image I just want to pass my classes and chill out. Making friends sounds kind of cool. And I can maybe join a club? Maybe?

Appeal decreased!

Image Hm.

Image That wasn't a very confident answer.

Image I see. Well, to each his own.

Brendan Path - Bumping Into Misty

Image Are you deaf, too? Say something!

---That was my bad.

*Appeal points gained with Misty*

Image I help the girl to her feet.

Image I'm really sorry about that.

Image I was in kind of a hurry and turned the corner too quickly.

Image Are you okay?

Image *sigh*

Image She doesn't sound too happy.

Image I apologized, already. What does she want me to do, beg for forgiveness?

Image I'm fine.

Image I'm fine! It's fine!

Image Just try to not run over any more girls on the way to...wherever you're going.

The girl walked away.

Image She actually has a pretty soothing voice when she talks normally like that. My ears are still buzzing from all that caterwauling though.

Image I should be thankful she let me off so easily.

---You're to blame, too!

Image I back off a little as the girl gets back on her feet.

Image Hey, lay off the insults. It's a two-way street, you know?

Image Instead of blaming others, maybe you should point the finger at yourself!


Image You...JERK!

*slap sound effect*

Image Ow.

The girl stormed off.

Image She doesn't take criticism too well, does she?

Brendan Path - 2nd Encounter With Misty

Misty will only bother talking to you if you apologized to her before.

Image I should choose my words carefully.

---Do you live here?

Image This is your room, right here?

Image Yeah, it is.

Image Oh, great. Now you know where I live.

Image Don't get any funny ideas, buster!

Image Oh, come on. Do I really look like the kind of guy that'd pull a stunt like whatever you're thinking of?

Image Hey, I'm a nice guy. I wouldn't dream of doing anything like that.

Image Hmmm.

Image I guess I can trust you. Just be sure to watch where you're going when classes start!

Image This girl just won't drop it, will she?

---How was your day?

Image So, how was your first day here?

Image Other than you tackling me to the ground? Just peachy.

Image Hey, I said I was sorry!

Image I know, I'm just kidding.

Image What are you getting all serious for?

Image That was a joke? Your face showed otherwise.

---You look like you need some rest.

Image You look exhausted. What time did you sleep last night?

Image What are you, my mom?

Image Though, I haven't had a chance to sit and relax since I got off the bus today.

Image Do I look that tired?

Image You look like you just sat through a tour of Jigglypuffs. You should take a nap.

Image I don't have time for a nap.

Image But thanks for the suggestion.

Appeal increased!

Image Hey, she smiled!

Image What are you grinning like a Gengar for? It's really creeping me out.

Image Aaaand it's gone.

---Is that a Cerulean outfit?

*Affection point gained with Misty*

Image I recognize those clothes. Are you from Cerulean City, by any chance?

Image You know Cerulean City?

Image Yes! Common ground!

Image Sure! My mom and I used to go to their water parks all the time when I was a little kid.

Image Though, those Gyarados rides always scared the pants off me back then.

Image Aw, no way! Where are you from?

Image I'm from Pallet Town. It's not the most well-known place in Kanto but I'm sure you've heard of it.

Image What town? Pewter?

Image Uh, no. Pallet Town? You know, the one with all the trees and grass? Professor Oak? Does any of this ring a bell?

Image Nope. Sorry.

Image Damnit! I was so close to a full conversation!

Image Curse me and my humble upbringing!

Calem Path - Before Class Chat

Image You feel the same way, right, <name>?

---I feel like an Electrode!

*Affection point gained with Shauna*

Image I feel just like an Electrode right now!

Image Hm? So you're a big smiley face?

Image No, I feel like I'm about to explode! With excitement!

Image Knowing Shauna, that was the best response I could give her.

Expression increased!

Image Ooooh! I see what you did there!

Image <name>'s funny!

Image I'm glad I didn't let her down.

---I got Butterfrees in my stomach.

Image I'm excited, yeah. But it's a little scary at the same time.

Image Aw, don't be scared! Everything's gonna go great!

Image Right. Today must be a day of positivity.

Tierno Path - Onwards and Upwards?

Image Uh oh. It looks like he's waiting for a response from me.



Expression increased!

Image People are giggling now.

Image I hope I don't get a weird reputation before classes even start.

Image Tierno gives me a wide smile.

Image Yeah! You know it!

*hit sound effect*

Image OW!

Image Tierno smacked me across my back, showing his approval.

Image That hurt.

Image He's not just big.

Image He's quite strong.


Image I give Tierno a little golf clap for his troubles.

Expression decreased!

Image Hmm. Gotta work on that.

*hit sound effect*

Image OW!

Image Tierno smacked me across my back, showing his approval.

Image That hurt.

Image He's not just big.

Image He's quite strong.

Image Maybe I should try to match his enthusiasm just a least when I'm around him.

---Yeah, you go, Tierno!

Image Yeah, you lead the way!

Image Tierno stopped jumping up and down.

Image Me, a leader? Aw, you know me too well, <name>!

Image Follow me, men!

Image He's like an eight-year old in a sixteen-year old body.

Image Maybe I should try to match his enthusiasm just a least when I'm around him.

Homeroom Class 1 - First Meeting With Flannery

Image She doesn't look too good. Maybe I should say something to her.

---Rough morning, huh?

Image You must've had a bad time getting here.

Image She turns and stares straight into my eyes. All of a sudden, the exhaustion in her face disappears and I see fire in her eyes.

Image Who wants to know?

Image Uh, I just thought that, you know, you kind of looked tired?

Image Not anymore, though.

Image How about you mind your own business? I don't remember asking for your opinion on anything.

---Want some coffee?

Image Hey, you need some coffee? I picked some up earlier this morning.

Image She whips her head towards me and scowls. I'm not sure what I said, but she sure looks miffed about something.

Image Is that a no?

Image Do I look like a charity case to you?

Image No! You look really tired so I thought-

Image You thought what? That you think I'd want your handouts?

Image Why don't you take that coffee of yours, and shove it up your-

---Say nothing.

Image On second thought, maybe I shouldn't.

Image If she's as scary as she looks, then I think I'd better keep my mouth shut.

Intuition increased!

Image Speaking of her looks, doesn't her hair break some kind of school code? It's gotta be at least a couple feet across.

Image How does she get it to stay up like that anyway? I can't imagine the amount of hair spray she uses.

Image You got a problem, pal?

Image Wha?

Image What the hell are you staring at me for?

Image I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn't realize that I've been staring at her for the past thirty seconds.

Image Uh, nothing in particular. Just, wondering how you got your hair like...that.

Image Like what?

Image You

Image I don't even know what I'm saying anymore.

Image You making fun of my hair?! I'll mess you up!

Calem Path - Last Chance To Join The Council

This dialogue is only accessible if you didn't ask to join earlier.

Image I know I never agreed to joining last time this was brought up, but maybe I should think it over one more time.

---Sorry, I've made up my mind.

Image The student council seems a bit too far away for someone like me.

Image Right now, I think I'd rather save something like this for another time.

Image Sorry, I think I'd just hold you guys back.

Image That's not true!

Image Let him speak. Is there any particular reason for your decision, <name>?

Image I just don't feel like I'm the right man for the job.

Image There are plenty of more capable students out there than me.

Image I see...

Image That is a shame, but I can understand your decision. I can't force you to join us if you don't want to.

Image Is there any way we can change your mind?

Image That'll just cause trouble for him. Let's respect <name>'s decision.

Image They look genuinely disappointed.

Image I hope I'm not passing up on a huge opportunity, but it just doesn't seem possible right now.

---I've changed my mind.

Image I thought the student council was a little intimidating when they first brought it up, but maybe this is still something I'd want to see through.

Image I think I'd be missing out on a big opportunity if I said no to these guys reaching out to me.

Image Actually, I think I am interested, after all.

Image Cheren seems really pleased at my answer. Calem and Serena do, too.

Image Excellent.

Image I didn't think you were that kind of person, <name>.

Image Oh, how exciting!

Image They look genuinely pleased.

Image Perhaps this decision helps them more than I thought.

Image There's a lot of business we need to take care of, but it's nothing we wouldn't be able to handle, I'm sure.

Cheren Path - Joining The Student Council

Image I should step up and say something...

---Yeah, I'm interested.

Image Before I can stop and think about it, I say something that might be considered a little rash.

Image I'm praying this won't completely blow up in my face.

Image That sounds like a lot of fun.

Image The two of them stop arguing and turn to look at me.

Image What sounds fun?

Image The student council thing.

Image Yeah, I think I'm up for it.

Image A-Are you sure? Just like that?

Image Sure!

Appeal increased!

Image Calem looks dumbfounded.

Image I'm assuming he wasn't expecting that kind of answer, but Serena looks ecstatic.

Image I look over at Cheren. He looks pleased at my response as well.

Image Oh, wonderful!

Image I'm sure Cheren was going to ask you anyway, but this is still so very exciting!

Image Hey, don't assume those kinds of things!

Image It's kind of scary how fast you accepted.

Image Yeah, I'm a little scared myself...

Image Pardon?

Image We have so much to talk about now!

Image Cheren will have lots of things to go over with you, so you should mentally prepare yourself.

Image What? I don't-

Image Regardless, I'm looking forward to working with you, <name>!

Image Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. We still need to get into the student council first.

Image Why are you being such a sourpuss? <name> is with us and that's all that matters.

Image I'm just saying...

---Sorry, I don't think I can.

Image The student council thing sounds like a big responsibility that I don't think I'm quite ready for.

Image In any case, I need to stop them from arguing further.

Image Sorry, it's just not for me.

Image The two of them stop arguing and turn to look at me.

Image Huh? Really? Strange, I thought...

Image It's because you asked him too suddenly. I'm not surprised he refused.

Image I-I see...

Image Seeing Serena so forlorn like that kind of makes me want to take back my decision...

Image I see.

Image That is...disappointing.

Image But I can understand your decision. I can't force you to join us if you don't want to.

Image If you decide to change your mind, please let one of us know.

Image Can't take no for an answer, can you? You're really dead-set on <name> joining us.

Image I'm sure I have no idea what you're implying.

---I'll get back to you on that.

Image This all seems like a lot to take in at once. I think I need a little time to mull this over.

Image In any case, I need to stop them from arguing further.

Image Do you mind if I take a day or two to think about it a little more?

Image I don't want to decide now only to take back my decision later.

Image The two of them stop arguing and turn to look at me.

Image Oh, of course you can! We don't need to rush anything.

Image You say that, but you asked him without even considering his feelings.

Image Look, he's all flustered because you asked him so suddenly.

Image Well, when do you suppose is a good time to ask him?

Image If we wait any longer, the seats will get taken up, and you know Cheren's too shy to ask him something like-

Calem/Cheren Path - Bumping Into Roxanne and Brawly

Image I should choose my words carefully...

---Ask about the student council.

Image This might be my only shot at really getting a head start into the student council, so I can't blow it here!

Image Actually, I've heard some things about the student council and I'm curious. Can you tell me a bit more about it?

Roxanne: Certainly. What do you want to know?

Image Like how you got into office and all that.

Image We didn't have anything like this back at the schools in Kanto.

Brawly: We rarely get freshmen asking about this kind of stuff so early in the year.

Brawly: You must be really interested!

Image Well...

Image Compared to Cheren, my interest is nothing. But I should get as much info as I can so I can pass it on to the others.

Image Yeah, I have some friends that are thinking of joining. So please, anything would help.

Roxanne: Well, the school doesn't just let any student run for office.

Roxanne: Your grades need to the top five percentile of your year in order to qualify as a candidate.

Brawly: And being smart isn't all there is to it. You can't be a jackass either.

Brawly: Student council members need to behave like student council members, y'know? We have an image to maintain.

Roxanne: Right. We represent the entirety of the student body, so we must exhibit the best attributes a student can possibly have.

Image That sounds fair enough.

Image I don't think any of us are really unlikable and I trust we're smart enough to get the minimum GPA.

Image Well, at least they are.

Image But what's the actual process of running for a student council position?

Roxanne: It's actually quite simple.

Roxanne: The school holds elections at the end of every first semester that is open to all students that meet the minimum requirements.

Roxanne: If you want to run for office, you must be registered as a candidate with the school.

Brawly: But winning the majority of student votes won't be enough. Current members of the student council also get a say in who gets to be in office next year.

Brawly: The only rule is that they can't elect themselves. That would really mess up the system, haha!

Image Seems like joining the student council isn't as difficult as I thought. We might just have a chance here.

Image Thanks, that was a lot of help.

Image I'll definitely pass this on to my friends.

Brawly: Hey, good luck, man! You're gonna need it.


Image ...I see. That is very helpful information, <name>.

Image And I am glad you took the opportunity when it was presented to you. I was right to place my trust in you.

Image I still can't believe that you managed to extract so much out of both the president and vice president so early in the school year.

Image I may have underestimated you.

Image Great work, <name>!

Image The shower of compliments is too much for me. I feel my face lighting up.

Image I did expect that the elections will be open to the current student council members. However, with your recent acquaintance to Roxanne and Brawly, this may very well play out in our favor.

Image So you're, like, friends with Roxanne and Brawly now?

Image Well, I wouldn't consider them 'friends', but I guess we know each other's names.

Image That's still soooo cool! I really hope you guys get into the council!

Image Thank you for the encouraging words, Bianca.

---Report to Cheren first.

Image I shouldn't make a move without telling Cheren about it first. I'd risk jeopardizing our chances of getting into the student council if I mess up here.

Image I'll play it safe and talk to Cheren about it in the cafeteria.

Image Uh, nothing really. But I know my friend has some questions for you, if you don't mind.

Roxanne: Oh? What kind of questions?

Image He sounds pretty interested in the student council. Do you think he can give him some advice or something?

Roxanne: Oh, really! Is he a freshman?

Image Yeah, he is.

Roxanne: Very interesting. We very rarely get any students interested in the student council so early in the year, even more so from freshmen.

Roxanne: Where is he right now? Can you bring him here?

Image Uh, he's in the cafeteria right now. If you want, I can get him to come here.

Roxanne: Hmm...unfortunately, we are due for a meeting shortly, so we can't spare much time.

Roxanne: It'd be best if we hold off on a meeting with him until later then.

Roxanne: But you can tell him he can drop by the student council office any time and we'd be glad to have a chat.

Image Great! I'll tell him that.


Image ...I see. Thank you for telling me about this, <name>.

Image I believe our next move will be to schedule a meeting with Roxanne. If she is as open to discussion as you say she is, then we shouldn't have a problem.

Image I still can't believe that you ran into both the president and vice president right after we left.

Image Talk about luck!

Image You see? I knew it was a good idea telling him about the student council!

Image I'll admit it. You were right.

Image So you're, like, friends with Roxanne and Brawly now?

Image Well, I wouldn't consider them 'friends', but I guess we know each other's names.

Image That's still soooo cool! I really hope you guys get into the council!

Image Thank you for the encouraging words, Bianca.

---Don't say anything.

Image I'd rather not risk messing up this encounter at the moment. It's too sudden, and I'm totally not prepared.

Image I know Cheren will be miffed once he hears that I passed up on an opportunity like this, but if I somehow screw this up without first consulting him, he might get even more mad.

Image No, not particularly. I just heard that there was a vending machine in this area.

Intuition decreased!

Brawly: You must be talking about the one down this hallway.

Brawly: But that thing eats cash like nobody's business. I'd stay as far away as possible.

Image Thanks for the tip.

Roxanne: Well, if there's nothing else we can help you with, we'd best be on our way.


Image So let me get this straight...

Image You didn't ask them a single thing about the student council?

Image Er, I figured it would be best to let you guys handle it, since you seem to be a lot better at this kind of stuff than me.

Image <name>, you...

Image Cheren looks like he's in deep thought. That, or he's doing all he can to keep himself from going nuclear on me.

Image ...I thought I made it clear that we're desperate for any information that we can get our hands on. And then you went and-

Image Cheren...

Image *sigh*

Image <name>, to an extent, I appreciate your consideration when you say you did not want to risk jeopardizing the meeting for our sakes.

Image But you do understand that you just let a major opportunity slip by?

Image Uh-huh.

Image We are a team, We are to place equal trust in one another and support each other to reach our mutual goal.

Image If there is no trust, then it will be absolutely impossible to continue working together. Do you understand?

Image Uh-huh.

Image I feel like a child getting scolded by his parent right now.

Image Don't worry about it, <name>. I'm sure there'll be other opportunities in the future.

Image Idiot.

Image Hilbert!

*slap sound effect*

Image Ow! I was joking!

Calem/Cheren Path - Picnic or nah?

Image If I had to be honest, I think...

---Eating indoors is the way to go.

Image I'd prefer eating inside. It's more convenient and easier to stay comfortable.

Image Exactly.

Image What if you forgot something in your room? Then you'd have to walk all the way back and get it. It'd just be a lot of work for a lot of nothing.

Image All right, we get it, Hilbert. You don't have to beat a dead Horsea.

Image I still think that a picnic is a good idea.

Image And I still think that not eating off the ground is better. We're allowed to have our own opinions.

Image Yes, I know. It was just an idea.

---A picnic sounds great.

*Affection points gained with Serena and presumably Hilda*

Image I think a picnic is a fantastic idea. It'd make for a good change in scenery.

Image Yes! Having a light meal surrounded by nothing but green nature and the blue sounds so romantic!

Image Exactly. It's about the atmosphere, not the actual meal.

Image I've heard the cherry blossoms are in full bloom around this time of year.

Image Then why have a picnic at all? Why don't you just go there and stare at the trees if you like them so much?

Image It was just a suggestion!

Image I still prefer eating on stable ground, but to each their own.

---It really doesn't matter where you eat.

*Affection points gained with...somebody. Probably Bianca?*

Image I don't really care where I eat. What's important is the meal itself, not the setting.

Image You can put me in the bathroom for all I care, as long as I have food.

Image That was a crude way of putting it, but I agree.

Image Yeah! As long as the food ends up in my tummy, I'm good to go!

Image So we're still at an impasse.

Image Who cares? You all can go and eat wherever you want. I'm done with this conversation.

Apparently there's a limit of 60000 characters per message and my next edit exceeded that so look to the next post for the last of the non elective choices.

I'll skip Leaf's map tutorial as you can ask all the questions without consequence. In addition I'll be skipping all the different dialogue choices for the different places on campus you can go for the final section of the demo. You can choose two places to go.

Hanging out with Leaf gives you an affection point with her. Going to the battle hall gives you a small scene with Blue. Going to the Student Center has you third wheeling with May and Brendan. Going to the Rec Center has you chat to Misty, regardless of how well you know her to this point. The Research Center has you hang out with Shauna, and she also introduces you to Clemont.

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Calem/Cheren Path - Deciding Extracurricular Activities

Image Clubs, huh? Right now I'm leaning towards...

---The art club.

Image ...the art club.

Image I've always thought it'd be cool to learn how to draw and paint. I've never used a pencil for anything other than writing words and numbers.

Image Looking to add new skills to your repertoire? That's a good attitude you have, <name>.

Image If you think you'd like a crash course in fine arts, give me a call. My parents practically forced me to take art lessons when I was a child.

Image Calem is quite a talented painter, you know? You should see some of the pieces he's created.

Image Thanks, but they're really nothing special.

---The gardening club.

*Affection point gained with Bianca*

Image ...the gardening club. It sounds like a place where I can really chill out and relax for a couple of hours.

Image Right??? It'd be soooo soothing winding down after a long day of classes!

Image That does sound very relaxing. If I make it onto the tennis team, I might drop by during my breaks.

Image Yeah! And I heard that they take care of Pokemon, too! I wonder if they'd let us bring some home for ourselves?

---The theatre club.

*Affection point gained with Serena*

Image ...the theatre club. My mom took me to see a Pokemon musical in Nimbasa City once when I was a kid and it left a huge impression on me.

Image I'm curious to find out how they set up the plays so meticulously.

Image Yes, the Nimbasa Musical Theater has some excellent showings! Your mother has very good taste, <name>.

Image Which department are you thinking of joining?

Image Department? You mean like sanitation or...?

Image ...No. Like the stage crew, choreographers, pit orchestra...did you not know about this?

Image It doesn't matter. What's important is your decision to join the club at all.

---The tennis team.

*Affection point gained with Hilda*

Image ...the tennis team.

Image I played a little bit of it back in middle school, so I should be fine for tryouts.

Image Cool. What kind of player were you?

Image Uh, I was pretty average, I think. Nothing really special.

Image No, I mean like were you a pusher? A baseliner? Or were you perhaps an all-rounder?

Image An all-rounder...maybe?

Image Wow! It's been a long time since I've met an all-rounder player.

Image Want to have an exhibition match after class?

Image Uh, maybe not today. I, uh...tweaked my leg this morning. The nurse told me not to do anything for a while.

Image Really? Huh. That's too bad. Some other time then.

---The battle team.

Image Even though I know a certain someone is also interested in it, I feel like it'd be a really cool team to be a part of.

Image Not to mention getting a chance to participate in the National Tournament.

Image ...the battle team. It sounds a little scary, but it looks like something I can really find myself invested in.

Image Hm, are you experienced with Pokemon battling?

Image I wouldn't call myself a master, but I know a thing or two.

Image As a kid I participated in scrimmages with others and the Pokemon we had around town.

Image But have you ever battled competitively? You can hardly call yourself a Pokemon trainer until you've experienced an official match.

Image Hilbert has a point.

Image Battling for sport is nothing compared to battling on a competitive level.

Image I've seen some of the upperclassmen trainers here, and their Pokemon are around the same level as those you'd face in the Pokemon League.

Image If I were you, I would put off trying out for the battle team until you have a competitively experienced Pokemon party.

Image I should have figured that Hilbert and Hilda would know their way around Pokemon training.

Image If competitive battling is as big a deal as they make it sound, I should consider my options seriously.

Brendan/Tierno Path - Scared Of What?

Image Hm. Let me think...

---Losing my friends.

*Affection point gained with Leaf. And probably May.*

Image The worst thing I can think of that can happen to me is if I lose my friends.

Image Especially you guys.

Image Awww! That's so sweet!

Image <name>! I'm so glad you consider us such good friends!

Image Uh...

Image Dude...we've only known each other for a few days and you're saying stuff like that?

Image You're weirding me out to new, new levels here!

Image Hey! Shut up, you friend-hater!

Image Yeah! <name> means it!

Image All right! All right! I was just kiddin' around!

---Failing to achieve my dreams.

Image One of my biggest fears is if I end up leaving this world without getting to accomplish my goals.

Image It'd feel like my life was a completely wasted effort.

Trevor: I understand what you mean. That is also a fear that has passed through my mind on more than one occasion.

Trevor: The prospect of passing away with a regret as heavy as that is quite frightening.

Image Hey, we're only teenagers! We still have like a hundred years to live!

Trevor: A hundred...?

Image Scary stuff like that can wait until we're adults. Let's enjoy life while we can!

Trevor: If that is what you believe, I cannot argue.

Trevor: There is not one correct way to live by, after all.

---Growing old.

Image I'm not looking forward to getting any older.

Image It scares me knowing that these are supposed to be the best years of my life, physically speaking.

Image Right? If things are hard the way they are now, I can't imagine how hard they'll be in the future.

Image I don't think it'll be all bad, but thinking about every new responsibility that I'll have gives me epic migraines!

Image But that's why I'll never grow up! I'm a kid at heart now and I'll always stay a kid at heart!

Image That's not gonna fly once you're out in the real world, you know.

Image You should try and get used to being an adult early so it won't be so hard in the future.

Image Hey, we just got into high school! Let us hang onto our last bit of innocence for a few more years, 'kay?

Image Whatever lights your Litwick, man.

---Spinaraks freak the hell out of me.

*Affection point gained with Shauna*

Image I was never really fond of Spinaraks or any of those creepy-crawly Pokemon.

Image Whenever I see one of those near me, I can't help but get a little jittery.

Image Ugh, I know! The way they move makes my skin crawl!

Image Not just Spinaraks! Once my mom took me to a petting zoo and there was a HUGE Galvantula that jumped on my back...

Image What kind of petting zoo has a Galvantula in their-

Image -and I screamed SOOOO loudly! I was like, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!

Image Waugh!

Image Whoa, okay! We would've gotten the picture without you actually screamin'.

Trevor: You don't like spider Pokemon? I've always found their forms quite appealing.

Image Ew, no! They're so gross!

Image What about other Bug Pokemon? Do you find them gross?

Image No, only the spiders.

Image Their tiny beady eyes and the way they skitter around, just...BLECH!

Trevor: That is a pity. They are very interesting Pokemon once you have the opportunity to study them up close.

---Nothing gets to me! NOTHING!


Image Me, scared? You kidding? It's me, <name>!

Image I don't even know the meaning of that word!

Expression increased!

Image Ha! I knew it!

Image I mean, it's really obvious that you're telling a joke, but that's cool, too.

Image Nah, I believe him! Just look at that man's face! That is downright savage right there!

Image So I guess this savage man forgot about the time he got lost in the-

Image HA HA! AH HA HA! That's enough about me! Moving on!

Brendan/Tierno Path - Talkin' Bout Clubs

Image Clubs, huh? Right now I'm leaning towards...

---The coordinator club.

*Affection point gained with May*

Image ...the coordinator club. That sounds really fun.

Image Really? Are you a coordinator, too?

Image I'm no expert, but I remember my mom taking me to a lot of Pokemon Contests when I was a kid.

Image Back then, I thought being a coordinator was the coolest job in the world.

Image Ha ha! And it still is!

Image Oh, yay! You'll fit right in with the coordinator club!

Image I can't wait to see what kind of Pokemon you'll use!

---The cheer team.

*Affection point gained with Shauna*

Image ...the cheer team. Did you know I used to be part of a cheer squad back in primary school?

Image No way!

Image But now that you mention it, I can totally see you wearing a happi and hachimaki screaming, OSU! OSU!

Image I didn't go that far-

Image Wait, but if you're joining the cheer squad...then that means you'll be joining the same club as me!

Image Yeah, I think so.

Image That is AWESO-OOOO-OME!!

---The photography club.

Image ...the photography club.

Image I'm not at all familiar with photography so it'd be cool to learn something new in this school.

Trevor: Truly? I didn't expect photography to interest you in such a way.

Trevor: That is a very good mentality, <name>. Gaining new experiences and skills is something I believe to be critical for success.

Trevor: I hope to see you in the club someday!

---The dance club.

Image ...the dance club.

Image That sounds really cool. I can't remember the last time I did anything close to dancing.

Image For real? Woohoo!

Image This is gonna be suh-weet!

Image Just you wait, dude, this club is gonna take off before you know it!

Image Soon the entire school's gonna want in on the sick dance moves I got planned for us!

Image Hey, now that <name>'s on board, are you sure you don't want in, Leaf?

Image Yes.

Image Dang, you answered so fast that it kind of hurt my feelings!

Image ...Mine, too.

---The outdoors club.

*Affection point gained with Leaf*

Image ...the outdoors club. That sounds chill. And the thought of being stuck on campus all day for the whole year doesn't sit well with me.

Image Yes! That's exactly why I'm joining, too.

Image Can you imagine spending half the day stuck inside school? I sure can't!

Image It's suffocating. I need to have a change in scenery every once in a while or I'd lose my damn mind.

Image YES! Me and you are on the same wavelength, <name>!

Image Hmmmmmm...?

Image What are you 'hmm'ing about over there?

Image Noooothing~!

---The battle team.

Image Even though I know a certain someone is also interested in it, I feel like it'd be a really cool team to be a part of.

Image Not to mention getting a chance to participate in the National Tournament.

Image ...the battle team. It sounds a little scary, but it looks like something I can really find myself invested in.

Image I was thinking of joining too, eventually.

Image But I think it's a little early to be thinking about that. Didn't you hear what Bruno and Alder said?

Trevor: I agree. We should listen to our teachers.

Trevor: Not to be overly disparaging, but I think it's too far out of reach for new students like us.

Image Hey, I think it's cool that <name> is thinkin' of the battle team. More power to you, man!

Image Yeah! And if <name> wins the National Tournament, won't it be so cool to tell everyone that he's our friend?

Image Oooh! We'd be friends with a celebrity!

Image Hey, <name>! Make sure to get to the National Tournament and win one for us, buddy!

Image You two sure know how to inspire somebody.

Electives Dialogue

Genuinely unsure how to format this LOL. Alphabetical order I guess, with different dialogue options listed below. There's a ton to cover here and I dunno if I'll be able to do every possible combination but in the end I hope to be fairly comprehensive as a general kind of guide. I'm not gonna post like everybody's possible combinations. So for example you might see Blue's dialogue if this is your 2nd elective with him only on Dragon and not Water for instance, I don't wanna copy paste too much. If you're looking for specifics try Ctrl + F I suppose for either the elective or the character.


(if you only know Trevor and not Bianca)

Image As I look around the room, I see Trevor sitting dead center up front.

Image Hey, Trevor.

Trevor: Hello, <name>. I had almost forgotten you were taking this class.

Won't you take a seat?

Image Don't mind if I do.

(if you know Bianca and not Trevor)

Image Hmm, I could've sworn Bianca was talking about the bug class, but I don't see her anywhere.

Image Maybe she's running late.

(if this is your 2nd class with Bianca)

Image I'm heeeeeeeeere! Am I late?

Image Nope, just in time actually.

Image Phew! That was really close!

Later on after Bianca shows up...

Image I should start keeping an eye on Bianca after class in order to make sure she doesn't wander off too much.


(if you know Cheren and Serena aka Calem/Cheren path)

Image I take a look around the classroom and see Serena and Cheren sitting at the front of the room.

Image Cheren's writing something down in his notebook and Serena has her nose in a book.

Image You'd think that they would want to talk to each other if they're sitting together.

Image Hey, Serena, Cheren.

Image <name>! What a pleasant surprise.

Image Good to see you here.

Image That was a warmer welcome than I expected

Image I wonder when their opinions of me became so high?


(if you know Shauna and this class is first)

Image I see two familiar faces with widely contrasting expressions.

Image <Blue's nickname> silently glares at me while I wave to Shauna.

Image Hiii, <name>!

Image As bubbly as ever.

Image There's not a chance in hell I'm sitting by <Blue's nickname> so I'm sitting next to Shauna.

(if this is your 2nd class with Blue)

Image ...You again.

Image Not this. Anything but this.

Image As much as I love watching you squirm, I'm getting real sick of seeing your face so much, <name>.

Image Trust me, the feeling is mutual.

Image I wait for him to say something, but he doesn't speak up.

(if you know Shauna and this is your 2nd class)

Image Following me closely the entire way from the cafeteria was Shauna.

Image <name>!! Sit with me! Sit with me!

Image I don't have a problem with that.


Generic "I'll sit between them" dialogue if you know both Leaf and Tierno. Tiny dialogue alteration if you know Tierno or not when Surge confronts him.


Image Let's see who's in my class this-

Image Yo, <name>!

Image Hey, Whitney. You're in this class too?

Image Heheh! You bet!

Image Come sit with me!

Image I'll catch up.

(if you know Shauna)

Image Only a couple of seats away from Whitney is Shauna, who is waving wildly to me.

Image If I didn't know any better, I'd think the two of them are related or something.

Image Hi, <name>!! Sit over here!

Image All right, all right. I'm coming.

Image Sandwiched between two absurdly energetic girls. What can go wrong?


Image I spot May near the front and we wave to each other.

Calem Path -

(if you were in Calem's class previously)

Image Further up is Calem, who's sitting in the front row again.

Image He gave me a quick nod as I approached.

Image Hello again.

Image Hey. We'll be seeing each other a lot this year, won't we?

Image I'm counting on you.

(Brendan/Tierno Path - if this is your second class with May)

Image For the entire way here, May had a huge grin on her face.

Image Hello again, <name>!

Image I bet she was waiting the whole time to say that.

(Calem/Cheren path, if May is in both electives with you)

Image <name>, long time no see!

Image Looks like May's in my class again.

--Both above paths continue here.

Image So, homeroom, gym and both elective classes. I hope you don't get tired of me showing up so much in your life.

Image What are you saying? I'm super happy!

Image I can tell this is gonna be a great year for both of us!

Image May seems genuinely excited that we have both of our electives together.

Image I'm sure her optimism's going to slowly rub off on me.


Image I see Flannery sitting near the back of the room. I don't think she realizes I'm here. (alternative text is "I don't think she noticed me walk in")

Image May spots me right away and we wave to each other.

(if you know Serena and May)

Image May and I wave to each other and Serena flashes me a quick smile.

(Brendan path, if you have May in both your classes)

Image On the other hand, I see May waving excitedly at me.

Image Hey, <name>! What a coincidence!

Image It's not much of a surprise if you told me what electives you were choosing before classes start, you know?

(if you know May well aka Brendan Path)

Image Oops! You're right, I did tell you. But the important thing is that we have two classes together!

Image Yeah. You looking forward to it?

Image You bet!

(if you know Serena)

Image Near the side of the class, I see Serena.

(if you have two classes with Serena)

Image Hello, again. This is quite the coincidence.

Image Is it a good coincidence?

Image Serena didn't say anything in response, but she's giving me a smile.

(if you don't know Serena)

Image I can barely keep my eyes open listening to this guy prattle on.

Image I'm feeling really tired all of a sudden.

Image A wave of exhaustion hits me and I can feel myself falling asleep.

Image My head slowly tips forward as I drift into unconsciousness.

Image Gah! Did the person behind me just kick me?!

Image As I turn around, I see a sophisticated-looking girl staring at me.

Image I don't know what to say, so I stare straight back at her.

Image ...What?

Image Uhhh, did you need something?

Image I'm simply doing you a favor.

Image What might that be?

Image Do you really think it's acceptable to fall asleep in class on the first day?

Image Was it that obvious?

Image Oh, that's what you were doing. Sorry, I appreciate the help.

Image Don't mention it. I can see why you would feel a bit drained listening to all of...this.

Image No kidding.

Image Oh, where are my manners? My name is Serena.

Image I'm <name>. Nice to meet you.

Image The pleasure is all mine.


Calem Path -

Image I see Calem jotting down something in his notebook in the front row.

Image I dunno exactly what he's writing down, but he looks really into it.

Image Yo, Calem!

Image Oh, <name>. Fancy seeing you.

(if you know Calem and Skyla, aka Skyla was in your other elective already)

Image I scan my eyes across the room and see Calem jotting down something in his notebook in the front row. A few seats over, I see that Skyla girl from the other class.

Image She must've noticed me looking at her 'cause she responds with a big smile.

Skyla: Hi, <name>!

Image H-Hey!

Image I don't know what happened, but she sounded so sincere that I felt my face burn up.

The Skyla dialogue is the same no matter your roommate if this is your first time meeting her. If this is your 2nd class with her, no phone mishaps.


(if this is your 2nd class with Trevor)

Image Hey, would you look at that. Trevor's in my class again.

Image And he's sitting all the way at the front like last time.

Trevor: Hello again, <name>.

Image You really want to get a good look at the teachers, huh?

Trevor: Yes, well, it is either a close look or no look at all. There are not many people's heads that I can see over, unfortunately.

Image Oh...yeah. I see what you mean. Must be tough.

Trevor: Don't worry, I am used to it.

(Meeting Sabrina in this class)

Image Whoops. Dropped my pencil.

*Pencil starts levitating*

Image Wha-

Image Who-who-

Image Clearly my brain is trying to play tricks on me, but my eyes are telling me this girl's levitating a pencil.

Image Is there a rogue Ghost Pokemon in this room? Is she some kind of esper or something?!

Image ...You dropped this.

Image Oh-oh. That's pencil.

Image ...


Image ...Well? Do you want it back or not?

Image Yes! Sorry! Thank

Image ...What?

Image I, uh, didn't catch your name.

Image Sabrina.

Image Thanks, Sabrina. I'm <name>.

Image ...Um, how long have you been practicing magic tricks?

Image ...

Image ...Right.

Image Well, I'll just, uh...turn back this way...

Image My heart's about to jump out of my chest. I felt like my life was in danger just by talking to her.


You'll quickly pick out Leaf, and Brendan if you met him previously. You sit between them as they both want you to sit next to them. Not recording this as it's fairly generic dialogue that plays pretty often when there are two friendly people you know in your class. If this is your first class with her, Gardenia will be introduced to you here. I don't have a picture for her. :(

*if this is your second class with Leaf*

Image And before I knew it, Brendan's already lounging at his seat while Leaf's grinning widely at me.

Image Class together, again? If I didn't know any better, I'd say you must really have a thing for me!

Image Pull up a chair over here, buck-o!

Image I quickly grab a seat next to Brendan. (if you don't know Brendan it's something to the effect of "I sit in the seat furthest away from her."

Image Hey!

*if you know Brendan*

Image What's up, dude? Are you and Leaf havin' a spat or somethin'?

Image A what? No, we're not having anything.

Image Oh, really...'cause from here it sorta looks like you're avoidin' her.

Image Then yes, that's exactly what I'm doing.


Image I see Flannery sitting near the back of the room, so I give her a little wave.

Image She must have missed me coming in 'cause she straight up ignores me.

Image On the other side I see Brendan already settled in.

(if Brendan is your roommate and this is your 2nd class with him)

Image Isn't this great? What can be better than having so many classes with your roommate?

Image Now whenever one of us decides to skip class, the other guy can just pass on the notes and stuff!

Image Yeah, it's pretty convenient.

Flannery falls asleep regardless of what you do. There is a tiny alteration in your thoughts if this is your second class with her, as she falls asleep in both.


(Note this dialogue occurs if this your only elective with Hilbert, and the other class referred to must be homeroom in that case. This dialogue is way of introducing yourself to him if you haven't done so already.)

Image Hilbert's in my class again.

Image I didn't get a chance to say anything to him last class, but considering we share so many classes, I should try and make friends with him.

Image Hey.

Image Hello.

Image I'm <name>. You're Hilbert, right?

Image It's crazy how our schedules are so similar.

Image I guess it is.

Image ...

Image ...

Image All right, catch you later!

Image Yyyeahhh...there'll be other opportunities to make acquaintances, I hope.

(if you know Misty)

Image On the other side of the classroom, I catch Misty looking at me.

Image What gives? The second I try to make eye-contract, she averts her gaze.

Image I don't think I'm that unattractive, so maybe she just really doesn't like me.


You pick out Whitney. If you know Cheren you'll pick him out, and wonder where Bianca is if you know her.

Image Yo, <name>!

Image Hey, Whitney. You're in this class too?

Image Heheh! You bet!

Image Come sit with me!

Image I'll catch up.

*if this is your 2nd class with Whitney*

Image Yoo-hoo! *name*, over here!

Image Whitney! This makes it, what, every class pretty much?

Image Crazy, right? It must be our destiny!

Image Destiny to what?

Image Why, to become the best of friends, of course! Sit down over here, buddy!

Cheren Path -

(if this is your 2nd class with Cheren)

Image Hey, Cheren. Class together again.

Image Yes, but this is no surprise.

Image Yeah. Great minds think alike, or something like that.

Image Heh. Indeed.

Image By the way, where's Bianca? Isn't she supposed to be in this class?

Image That is a good question.

Image I wouldn't worry about it though. That girl always manages to show up regardless of how lost she is.

Image I'm heeeeeeeeere! Am I late?

Image There you have it.

(if this is your 2nd class with Bianca)

Image Hey, Cheren. Is Bianca late again?

Image Yes, she is. How did you know?

Image I remember her saying she was taking this class before.

Image And...she was kind of late to the last one I was in with her.

Image You catch on quick.

Image I'm heeeeeeeeere! Am I late?

Image Barely.

Image For the last time Bianca, you need to manage your time better or you'll cause trouble for everyone else.

Image But you didn't even wait for me!

Image Well, I didn't say I was going to let you cause trouble for me.


You can meet Gardenia here.

*if you don't know Hilda and this is your 2nd class with her*

Image Aw man, it looks like I don't know anyone here.

Image But I recognize that girl with the ponytail from last.

Image I think she said her name was Hilda. She looks like she keeps herself guarded, but I don't really know anyone else in this class so I should try and make friends as soon as possible.

Image Hey, Hilda.

Image ...Do I know you?

Image Oh, uh, no you don't.

Image But I'm <name>. I was in your Steel class.

Image I see.

Image ...

Image Well, nice meeting you!

Image So much for that.

*if you know Hilda and this is your 2nd class with her*

Image We didn't exchange any words while traveling here from the cafeteria, but it looks like Hilda's in my class again.

Image Hey, Hilda. Looks like we have a lot of classes together this semester.

Image Right.

Image Not much of a reaction, just like last class.

Image I wonder if she thinks of me as a nuisance.

Image Is something wrong? You look troubled by something.

Image N-No, it's nothing.

Image Maybe I'm thinking too much.


If this is your first class with Skyla the dialogue with her is always the same. Sabrina's dialogue the first time you meet her is the same as in the Ghost elective, listed above with a 1-2 line difference from Red as her abilities make more sense in this context.

*if this is your 2nd class with Sabrina*

Image I scan my eyes across the room and see that Sabrina girl from the other class.

Image If I wasn't imagining what happened before, I think I'd like to keep my distance for now.

Image Just looking at her gives me chills. She kind of reminds me of those ghost ladies you see in foreign horror movies.

Later on...

Image So what you're telling me is that Sabrina is an esper.

Image I sneak a peek in her direction.

Image While everyone else was focused on Will, Sabrina's expression didn't change one bit.

Image Is she just unimpressed? Is she even paying attention?

Image I can't tell.

Even later...

Image Ow! What someone flinging pencils?!

Image I'm sorry.

Image Eh?

Image ...

Image I slipped.

Image Um. Right.

Image Uh...

Image Y-You know, I mean, I know now that you're an esper and all...

Image But at first I thought there was, um...a Ghost Pokemon that followed us from our last class.

Image ...Playing pranks on us. Heh heh. Funny thought, right?

Image There are no Ghost Pokemon currently in this room.

Image Oookay, then...

Image I, uh, guess that's about it...

*pencil flies at you*

Image WAH!

Image Geez, that almost hit me again!

Image I am not okay with getting harassed by telekinesis all semester!


Image Oh, I see Tierno.

Image He's completely absorbed in his music, so I'll leave him alone.

Tierno/Brendan path

Image Tierno sat down near the back of the room, his headphones on the entire time.

Image He's got his volume up really high. I can hear his music playing all the way from here.

(If Tierno is your roommate and this is your second class with him)

Image Yo, Tierno?

Image Hey, TIERNO!

Image Huh? Oh, hey, <name>! There you are!

Image We got the same class again? Awesome!

Image Come on, we were walking together the entire way from the cafeteria.

Image You're gonna bust your ears with music that loud.

Image I doubt you'd be able to hear a bomb go off in the room with those headphones on.

Image Ha ha! My mom says that all the time, but I can't help myself.

Image This song's too good to not blast! Want a listen?

Image I'd like to keep my ears from breaking, thanks.

Image Oh, oh! I saved a seat right here for you, buddy!

Image You shouldn't have.

Red will also think "Every class?" during Tierno getting caught by the teacher listening to music the second time.

Image How do you do it, Tierno?

Image What do you mean?

Image Come on! I mean, how do you just get away like that?

Image I'm still not sure what you're gettin' at, <name>!

Grant: Hey! What did I just say about distractions?

Image Whoops.


(if you know Hilda and Hilbert)

Image I take a good look around the room and see Hilbert and Hilda talking by the side of the classroom.

(if and you had lunch with them)

Image They didn't say much while we traveled here from the cafeteria, but it looks like they're talking about something serious now.

Image From a distance, they look like a married couple keeping their voices down during an argument.

Image Maybe I'm overthinking it. I don't know anyone else here anyway so I walk over to join them.

Image Hey, guys.

Image Oh...<name>. I didn't realize you were taking this class.

Image Well, it seemed kind of interesting. That's the same reason why you guys are taking it, right?

Image Not really.

Image All right, fair enough. What about you, Hilda?

Image I...I have my reasons.

Image Is it me, or was there a hint of concern in her voice?


If you know Misty -

Image I see two familiar faces that don't seem very excited to see me.

Image <Blue's nickname> silently glares at me while I wave to Misty.

*Misty and Blue glare at you.*

Image What did I do this time? All I did was put my hand up.

If you don't know Misty -

Image My god. Of all the people to be in here.

Image That look on your face is priceless.

Image Sad you're never gonna be the best as long as I'm here, right?

Image There are plenty of other schools you can transfer to. It's not too late to save yourself from being number two for another year!

Image So he thinks he can just one-up me in class like that?

Image Yeah, right. I'm not coming all this way just to quit.

Image That cocky expression of his is becoming his trademark look.

Image H-Ha! We'll just see about that!

Image Huh? What was that? Is Blue worried? Might've just been me but I could've sworn-

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 Post subject: Re: Choices Guide
PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:52 am 
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This was really well done, will definitely keep up with this :)

 Post subject: Re: Choices Guide
PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 7:32 pm 
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This is pretty much done. There are a few paths I haven't tried but I'm pretty much out of time to work on this any more, so enjoy! I might do some very small guides in the future. Right now I'm just patiently waiting on a new demo.

Here's a list of stuff I haven't tried. At some point I might give it a go.

Gardenia (both classes)
Shauna (both classes. Don't know her or hang out with her at lunch)
Tierno (both classes. Don't know him or hang out with him at lunch)
Trevor (both classes. Don't know him or hang out with him at lunch)
Bianca (both classes. Don't know her or hang out with her at lunch)
Cheren (both classes. Don't know him or hang out with him at lunch)
Hilbert (both classes. Don't know him or hang out with him at lunch)
Brendan (both classes. Don't know him or hang out with him at lunch)
Serena (both classes. Don't know her or hang out with her at lunch)
Calem (both classes. Don't know him or hang out with him at lunch)

 Post subject: Re: Choices Guide
PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 1:22 pm 
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Uh, in more recent playthroughs I'm STILL finding new dialogue, jesus christ.

Also, I did miss one of the Student Council choices above (you need 3 or more appeal iirc). I don't think I'll add it though, with the new demo coming so soon.

 Post subject: Re: Choices Guide
PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 4:37 am 
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I feel sorta bad, as this all might be changed in the newest Demo.

Here's how it's done!

 Post subject: Re: Choices Guide
PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 4:52 am 
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Robin wrote:
I feel sorta bad, as this all might be changed in the newest Demo.

Hmmm I don't think much of this stuff will be changed, but when you think about it, covering a single day is pretty pointless in the grand scheme of 3 years! Don't feel bad lol. I'm already kinda mad at myself for missing a few things.

 Post subject: Re: Choices Guide
PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 2:49 pm 

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I just went to check on that 4th option to say to Roxanne and Brawly. They see that [name here] is ambitious but the conversation with Cheren is the same as with the option to ask about the sc.

Is there any other dialogue option where you have to have a certain level of appeal/expresion/intuition etc in the 1.0.2c?

Also can't wait for the update

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 4:25 pm 
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blitzzard wrote:
I just went to check on that 4th option to say to Roxanne and Brawly. They see that [name here] is ambitious but the conversation with Cheren is the same as with the option to ask about the sc.

Is there any other dialogue option where you have to have a certain level of appeal/expresion/intuition etc in the 1.0.2c?

Also can't wait for the update

The only two in the current demo are the window option with Leaf and the student council one. Can confirm.

 Post subject: Re: Choices Guide
PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 9:54 pm 

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Soundwave wrote:
The only two in the current demo are the window option with Leaf and the student council one. Can confirm.

thanks, so that means I've seen all dialogue options (except a few with people in classes) and I'm ready to find all options the next version has to offer

in a few days

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