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PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 1:03 am 

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To be honest i just found this game because of...ya Game Grumps, and this was totally worth it.

- For real, i like the Art of the game, a lot, good job, i didnt expected such quality from a indie game that is not very well known.

- Even tho many comments in the game grumps video were complaining (actually steam train but to me is the same as long egoraptop play), i actually think its good, i mean, come on, is a Pokemon Novel, even the pokemon games have that kind of lines.

- You guys really give interesting personality to the characters, well, Blue is still Blue, and and the rest pretty much fit their personality (my favorite male trainer is Brendan over all and not because this game, i liked him since always)

Ok here is the FEEDBACK, i just found this game and i would totally throw money to the screen as a reward for the devs if they finish it even tho i know the game is free and shouldnt be sold, i still would donate, and i dont know anything about the full release changes so BARE WITH MY IGNORANCE, and explain me if i am wrong.

- I dont know if the full game expect us to start as Red (i dont mind either way), also i dont know the goal of the game, is it a dating game or one interesting story?, with that question, guessing it is a dating game, i would actually like to get the chance to date trainer i like, and for me, yes it would be May, but i feel like she is completely married with Brendan already (which to be honest its ok because the manga is like that, but i dont think this should work the same as the manga), plus i feel that the game expect me to date Leaf.

- So what i say is, either the full game should let us pick the trainer who we are going to be (which i know will make the game insanely more complex to release), or we should be an unknown trainer with no picture at all so we could actually make our own story (tho i would still love to see Blue annoying us every time)

- Idk if you guys are planning to add voice overs, but i prefer to not, cheap ones will make the game very crappy and not bearable, while good voice overs are expensive and i dont expect that to happen, so leave it like this.

IN SHORT, MY MAIN CONCERN WOULD BE: Give us freedom, let us date any trainer, and i guess is fair that the game is meant for female players too so i guess making the main character an unknown trainer have more logic.

THX FOR THIS DEMO, i will totally donate to this game at the release, i would do it now but...many devs has disapointed me leaving their projects before finishing them...and yes i know this game is very far from being finished, but ill be around...

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