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Hilbert portrait.png
Original appearance Pokémon Black
Pokémon White
Hometown Nuvema Town, Unova
Birthday September 18
16 (Year 1)
Gender Male
Affinity Steel.png Steel
Ice.png Ice

Hilbert is a young man from Nuvema Town of the Unova region. A longtime friend of Hilda, Cheren and Bianca, Hilbert is known for being so serious at times that he is nearly unapproachable. He is extremely goal-oriented and much of his actions are dictated by his personal agendas.

If Red's (player character) roommate is Cheren, then Hilbert is Blue's roommate. Otherwise, he and Cheren are roommates.

First glance

Hilbert can be intimidating at times due to his rather emotionless expression, blunt way of speaking, and above average height. Some even consider him rude, especially since one of his habits involves abruptly leaving conversations as soon as he loses interest. Hilbert's entire persona stems from his disciplined and borderline obsessive nature. Because of his mental focus, he has always been a model student, though he also ended up with a narrow outlook on many subjects. Hilbert tends to hold his own opinion above others, barring few exceptions—mostly from Hilda, though occasionally from Cheren and Bianca. Also because of his mental focus, Hilbert's physical capabilities are limited, causing him to easily overexert himself during normal activities.

Hilbert has an odd relationship with Hilda. In many cases, Hilbert's bluntness and seemingly nonexistent sense of atmosphere can get him into trouble, such as when he started talking back to Byron on the first day of classes. Hilda tends to be the one who puts him back on track, despite his protests.



Hilbert art.png
Current sprite design by dmjh93.


  • His birthday is a reference to the original Japanese release date of Pokémon Black and Pokémon White versions.