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Leaf portrait2.png
Original appearance Pokémon FireRed
Pokémon LeafGreen
Hometown Cinnabar Island, Kanto
Birthday October 15
16 (Year 1)
Gender Female
Affinity Grass.png Grass
Electric.png Electric

Leaf is the main heroine in Pokémon Academy Life. She starts off as a somewhat elusive character that Red (the player character) jokes is impossible to approach, though the two met on the first day by chance. Eventually the two of them grow closer and the player realizes that there is much more hidden behind Leaf's facade. Her dark history and her connection to the player become focal points of the story and builds over the three years at Kobukan Academy.

First glance

Regularly praised by her peers for her attractiveness, Leaf has no trouble keeping up the image of an "everygirl." She is generally very prompt with whatever she needs to do. She arrives at classes earlier than the vast majority of students, and is oftentimes the first one to arrive by a long shot. Leaf absolutely hates inactivity and boredom, which leads her to packing her daily schedule. Still, she prefers to take things on the fly, which is one of the main reasons why she is difficult to track down.

When Leaf has the opportunity to express herself, she can be flirtatious and daring. She has no qualms about teasing the player. On the other side of the spectrum, Leaf is by no means reserved and soft-spoken. When wronged, she does not hesitate to speak her mind, such as when Blue interrupted her when she greeted the player on the first day of classes.

Leaf also has a love for fashion, which was originally why she instantly bonded with May, despite the two of them getting randomly matched up as roommates. Also due to their shared love of fashion, Leaf shows signs of treating Dawn like a little sister.


The first opportunity Leaf talks to the player alone, she explains how she saw an advertisement for a cruise vacation and excitedly tells the player that they should go together along with their friends. The player asks if Leaf would rather bring friends that she knows better, to which Leaf responds with she truly considers the player to be a good friend, which flatters the player.

The exploration and reveal of Leaf's history is one of the main focal points in the visual novel. Leaf is introduced in the story as a cheerful and mischievous girl that drags the player along to take part in her various shenanigans. Her antics can get tiresome and irritating, but she remains good-natured and energetic, even in the face of bad news or disappointment, something the player grows to respect and appreciate.


Leaf old.png Leaf art.png Leaf art2.png
Original sprite early in development. First redesign by dmjh93. Current sprite design by dmjh93.


  • Her birthday is a reference to the original Japanese release date of Pokémon Blue version.
  • In a public popularity poll hosted by the development team in January 2016, Pokémon fans ranked Leaf as 5th among their top female characters based on over 300 tallies.
    • In another poll conducted in February 2017, she jumped to the number one spot from 835 total tallies.
  • It took over a month for the developers to officially settle for Leaf as the main heroine of the story. Originally, the story was set to have no main heroine, but this proved to be too difficult to write a central narrative.
  • Originally, Leaf was supposed to be called "Blue," based on the Japanese version of her Pokémon Adventures manga counterpart. However, she was later changed to the widely accepted fan-name of "Leaf" with ties to the English version of her Pokémon Adventures counterpart, which would be "Green."