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Red portrait.png
Original appearance Pokémon Red
Pokémon Blue
Pokémon Green
Hometown Pallet Town, Kanto
Birthday February 27
16 (Year 1)
Gender Male
Affinity Varies
Relatives Mother

Red is the default name of the player character in Pokémon Academy Life. As the protagonist, the story is predominantly narrated and experienced from his perspective.

First glance

Red is a young man with above average height. His love for Pokémon and the outdoors naturally allowed him to maintain a lean and fit build. True to his name, he is almost always seen with red-colored clothing. While he may usually have a solemn expression while in thought, Red is generally expressive enough when expected to be.

Unlike many visual novels or narrative games with silent protagonists or blank slate player characters, Red is quickly established as an excitable young man who is eager to start a new life away from his quiet hometown. While the player can easily make choices that negatively affect how Red interacts with other characters, at his core, Red is caring to a fault and is willing to go out of his way to assist others around him.

Despite his empathetic and relatively mature demeanor, Red can still get flustered and annoyed easily, usually from the taunts of his childhood friend Blue and other similar academy elitists. However, as he eventually gains new experiences, Red develops a new look on life, his future, his friendships, and loved ones.


Before arriving at the prestigious Kobukan Academy, Red led an uneventful life back in Pallet Town. To his surprise, just prior to starting his high school freshman year, Red received a recommendation from Professor Oak to enroll in the academy. Likewise, his childhood friend and rival, Blue, also received an invitation. However, Blue was Professor Oak's grandson, so Red figured there was at least a familial reason there. Why the professor insisted that he enroll was a mystery.

Without making a big deal out of the situation, Red takes advantage of the rare privilege. Upon entering his assigned residence hall, he meets his future roommate for the first year. After a series of formalities, such as reserving his own dorm room, attending an assembly for new students, and registering for his classes, the stage is set for Red's new academy life.


Red old.png Red art.png
Original sprites early in development. Current sprite design by dmjh93.


  • His birthday is a reference to the original Japanese release date of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green versions. He shares this with Blue.
  • Red's design was originally going to be based on his Pokémon Adventures counterpart. However, once dmjh93 took over as the lead artist, he was changed to his current design in order to match the other characters (who are all based on game or anime designs).
  • Red was originally intended to show up on screen alongside the other characters. Eventually this idea was scrapped in favor of keeping the point of view partially from the player's perspective.