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Flannery portrait.png
Original appearance Pokémon Ruby
Pokémon Sapphire
Hometown Lavaridge Town, Hoenn
Birthday December 11
16 (Year 1)
Gender Female
Affinity Fire.png Fire
Ground.png Ground
Relatives Unnamed grandfather

Flannery is a Gym leader in training, specializing in Fire-type Pokémon. She attends Kobukan Academy in preparation to inherit the Lavaridge Gym from her paternal grandfather.

Despite being short-tempered and high-strung, Flannery gets along surprisingly well with her roommate Whitney.

First glance

Most people who see Flannery for the first time are intimidated by her appearance, mostly due to her wildly styled red hair. She first makes a cameo during the first-year students' orientation on the first day with her roommate Whitney, visibly riled by Roxanne's choice of getting everyone's attention. On the official first day of classes, she is introduced as a short-tempered girl with an incredibly weak tolerance to mornings. She is late to her first homeroom (though she was marked on time) and lashes out at Red (player character) upon their first meeting. If Flannery is in any of Red's classes, she is seen sleeping practically through the entire day.

As much of a delinquent as she initially presents herself, Flannery is a filially pious individual, as her main goal is to make her family proud and become a respectable, successful Gym leader in her hometown of Lavaridge.



Flannery old.png Flannery art.png
Original sprite early in development. Current sprite design by dmjh93.


  • Her birthday is a reference to her anime counterpart's debut in the Advanced Generation series in Japan, back in 2003.
  • In a popularity poll conducted by the development team in February 2017, Flannery ranked 9th from 835 total tallies.
  • Flannery is one of few characters with more than one pose, the others being Cheren and Whitney.