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Jasmine portrait.png
Original appearance Pokémon Gold
Pokémon Silver
Hometown Olivine City, Johto
Birthday July 26
17 (Year 1)
Gender Female
Affinity Steel.png Steel
Rock.png Rock

Jasmine is a girl originally from Olivine City of the Johto region. While she loves the outdoors, her health keeps her from pursuing her interests and even prevents her from attending classes at times.

Erika, her roommate, takes it upon herself to assist in her health care.

First glance

Jasmine, despite being a 17-year-old at the start of Pokémon Academy Life, is still a first-year student at Kobukan Academy. Due to her poor health, she was held back a year after repeated absences. She is somewhat of an anomaly in the school system, as a student who is absent too many times throughout a given semester is usually no longer allowed to stay enrolled. However, Jasmine remains in the academy through made-up work, though she never fulfilled the requirements to advance past the first year.

Jasmine's illness is a mystery and it contributes to her frail appearance. Jasmine herself is meek, soft-spoken, and has low self-esteem, but her strong desire for freedom and the pursuit of her interests is frequently enough to push her forward. She has a reliable support system, consisting of the academy's health staff, but her roommate Erika is also a volunteer who assists her with her therapy.



Jasmine art.png
Current sprite design by dmjh93.


  • Her birthday is a reference to her anime counterpart's debut in the original anime series in Japan, back in 2001.
  • Jasmine's symptoms most closely resemble those of chronic fatigue syndrome, a complex medical condition that is still not understood by medical researchers.