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The "+1" graphic shows that Red gained one relationship point with Leaf.
Relationship points make up a simple running log of how well Red (the player character) is getting along with other characters in Pokémon Academy Life.

Red can gain or lose relationship points with male and female characters, with opportunities to eventually become a romantic partner with the latter. Relationship points are one of the main factors in progressing on any character's routes or side stories.

Gaining Relationship Points


Having direct conversations with a character is the most common way of gaining relationship points. Depending on Red's response, choices may result in gaining, losing, or achieving no relationship points at all with a character.

Hangout Sessions

In addition to scripted conversations, once free exploration is unlocked, Red can voluntarily spend time with any character he knows to increase relationship points. These hangout sessions are meant to supply additional points that Red may need in order to progress on a character's route.

Indirect Actions

In some occasions, a choice that Red makes can indirectly lead to gaining or losing relationship points with a character that's in a different location at that time.

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