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This page refers to the campus. For the main academy building, see The Academy.
Kobukan Academy
Map of the Kobukan Academy campus

Kobukan Academy, short for The Kobukan Academy of Advanced Pokémon Arts & Sciences, is a highly selective boarding school located on the outskirts of Inspira City, at the heart of the Kobukan region. The student body is made up of young men and women between the ages of 15 and 18 (high school years). The academy staff is represented by world-class Pokémon researchers and trainers as intructors, allowing the school to build a strong track record of developing professional Pokémon trainers, battlers, researchers, breeders, explorers, and coordinators.


Kobukan Academy's campus was built starting from main academy building, which students simply refer to as "the academy." It is a centuries-old facility that used to host recreational Pokémon battles and contests. Eventually the property was renovated to double as a learning facility before it was permanently converted to a standalone school. However, it retains the old battlegrounds which now serve as makeshift Pokémon gyms. Most of the academy building's original antique features can still be seen along the hallways.

Aside from the main academy building, the campus also includes a fully equipped research facility that both professional Pokémon researchers and aspiring student researchers can use to pursue greater knowledge outside the standard school hours.

The Battle Hall, Recreation Center, and baseball field can be found along the edges of the campus. The Battle Hall is used strictly as a Pokémon training center and is the school's competitive battling team's base of operations. The Recreation Center houses a massive swimming pool and a section for tennis courts.

In the center of the campus are the Student Center and the garden. The area is a popular spot where students relax during lunch hours and after school as the campus's main cafeteria is also located in the Student Center. As the second oldest building on the campus, the Student Center is where most administrative activities take place. The student council office is located here.

Equidistant from the student center are the three student dormitories: Relic Hall, Pledge Hall and Aura Hall. After the main academy building was fully converted to stand as a learning facility, the residence halls were constructed in its likeness, only on a smaller scale.

Red (player character) will spend his three years in Relic Hall, though he will have ability to explore the other residence halls during his free time.


Many students bring in their own Pokémon that they have captured and befriended prior to enrolling in the academy. This is generally more common among upperclassmen. Most new students are paired with equally inexperienced Pokémon (usually still in their first stages of evolution) so the newly matched partners can grow together.

Excluding the Pokémon owned, trained or bred by academy students and staff, there are numerous Pokémon that work specifically to assist in the day-to-day functions of the academy. For example, Pokémon that can be seen accompanying the cafeteria staff include Delibird and Bunnelby. Wigglytuff and Chansey can be seen assisting Nurse Joy. And many Fighting-type Pokémon are located in the academy gym and Battle Hall, frequently helping trainers and their Pokémon with their training regimen. The more common ones seen include Machop, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee and Mienfoo.

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