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This page refers to the main academy building. For the campus or the entire school, see Kobukan Academy.
Kobukan Academy: Main Building
The main academy building of Kobukan Academy

The Academy is a term Kobukan Academy students use to refer to the main building located on the northernmost point of the campus.

It is a centuries-old facility that used to host recreational Pokémon battles and contests. Eventually the property was renovated to double as a learning facility before it was permanently converted to a standalone school. However, it retains the old battlegrounds which now serve as makeshift Pokémon gyms. Most of the academy building's original antique features can still be seen along the hallways.


Blue and Leaf in the academy hallway.

The main academy building is simple to navigate, with its halls laid out in a grid format spread across three floors. The building itself is a prototype for the three student dormitories, which are designed in the same likeness. The first-year students' homerooms are located on the first floor, while the second-year homerooms and third-year homerooms are on the second and third floors, respectively. Students are often seen socializing in the hallways or outside the academy entrance after regular school hours.

With the exception of the gymnasium, Pokémon battles are forbidden within the academy building.

Homeroom classes

Homeroom classes serve as the first and last classes of each school day, supervised by a licensed Pokémon professor. As graduation rates are extremely low at Kobukan Academy, there are more professors assigned to first-year students than there are those to second and third-years. Professor Oak, Professor Birch and Professor Sycamore are the most notable professors that handle first-year students, Professor Elm handles second-year students, and Professor Juniper handles third-year students. Professor Rowan oversees the day-to-day activities of the teaching staff, though he also handles homeroom duties throughout the semester.

Most homeroom courses include Pokémon social studies, sciences, basic theory and history. These subjects are designed to help students understand the world they live in and transition them into their future careers upon graduating. Pop quizzes that cover these subjects occur twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, barring days off.

Type elective classes

The eighteen type elective classes are scattered throughout the main academy building, but most of them are grouped together close enough to prevent student tardiness. Many of the classrooms adopt their own flare, such as burning torches in the Fire-type class or haziness in the Dark-type class. The elective classes serve to mold a student's affinity to specific Pokémon types, but students are expected to further their studies on other types outside regular school hours. Elective classes pop quizzes occur twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays, barring days off.

Type elective instructors
Bug.png Bug - Burgh Dark.png Dark - Karen Dragon.png Dragon - Clair Electric.png Electric - Surge Fairy.png Fairy - Valerie Fighting.png Fighting - Marshal
Fire.png Fire - Blaine Flying.png Flying - Winona Ghost.png Ghost - Fantina Grass.png Grass - Ramos Ground.png Ground - Bertha Ice.png Ice - Pryce
Normal.png Normal - Lenora Poison.png Poison - Koga Psychic.png Psychic - Will Rock.png Rock - Grant Steel.png Steel - Byron Water.png Water - Wallace


The gymnasium that the majority of students call "the gym" is not to be confused to official Pokémon League sanctioned Gyms (stylized with a capital G) that are found in different towns and cities worldwide. Located in the back of the main academy building is a gymnasium that serves as a classroom for Pokémon training and battling, supervised by Bruno and Alder. Equipped with a plethora of weight machines and other traditional gym equipment, the gym also serves as training grounds for both trainers and their Pokémon after regular school hours. Many members of the school's Battle Team and prospective members tend to practice at the gym when the Battle Hall is unavailable.