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Stats and attributes redirect here. For values regarding the player's relationships with other characters, see Relationship points.

The traits system features individual attributes Red (the player character) can raise over the course of Pokémon Academy Life.

Each trait benefits Red in a different way and the effects can apply passively or when Red reaches certain tier levels. All five attribute types—Perception, Expression, Appeal, Dedication and Trainer's Insight—are separated into five tiers. Red starts on Tier Level 1 (which is technically the second tier), requiring 0 to 19 points. If at any point Red falls below 0 points in any trait category, he will be on the lowest tier or "Tier Zero," which can have negative effects. The third tier requires 20 to 49 points. The fourth tier requires 50 to 99 points. The fifth and final tier is reached when Red obtains 100 points in the trait category.

Traits are useful for navigating conversations, events, and other aspects of the game. Some events may require a prerequisite tier of traits or just a raw number of trait points. Most traits can be gained through conversations, though additional points can be obtained through other activities like studying, clubs, or Pokémon training and battling.

Types of traits

Red raised his Expression after responding a certain way to Shauna.


Originally called "Intuition," the Perception trait passively grants hints to guide some conversations and events. It is essentially Red's "gut feeling," which may or may not always be correct all the time. As some dialogue do not result in black or white answers, the Perception trait can provide reasons on why a certain response may be better than another, depending on the situation.

In addition, having certain amounts of Perception points can grant bonus actions during conversations and events.


The Expression trait grants bonus responses during conversations. It can be compared to the Perception trait, which grants bonus actions. The higher level Red raises his Expression, the more ways he can respond to different conversations in different situations.

High levels of Expression are particularly effective when combined with Perception late in the game.


The Appeal trait passively grants a bonus multiplier to relationship points when interacting positively with another character. It also passively reduces a fraction of lost points when interacting negatively with another character.

Certain tiers of Appeal often serve as prerequisites when it comes to establishing relationships with the female cast.


Originally called "Talent," the Dedication trait primarily serves to unlock conditional events that would otherwise be hidden or unavailable. In addition, it passively grants extra income from part-time jobs. It is the only trait that cannot be obtained through any conversations, making it one of the most difficult traits to raise due to limited opportunities.

Trainer's Insight

The Trainer's Insight trait specifically caters to Pokémon. It passively grants a bonus multiplier to Pokémon experience gain in battles or when training. In addition, it passively grants a bonus chance to inflict secondary effects in battle, such as critical hits and status effects.

Trainer's Insight can only be gained through interacting with Pokémon or daily classes.

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