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Cheren portrait.png
Original appearance Pokémon Black
Pokémon White
Hometown Nuvema Town, Unova
Birthday January 31
16 (Year 1)
Gender Male
Affinity Normal.png Normal
Dark.png Dark

Cheren is one of Red's (player character) roommate options in Pokémon Academy Life. He states his goal of getting involved with the student council early on and eventually manages to become the student council president. Strong-willed and bound by rules and logic, Cheren can often be crass and difficult to deal with, despite meaning well.

He's been friends with Hilbert, Hilda and Bianca long before enrolling at Kobukan Academy, as the group all make their home in Nuvema Town in the Unova region.

First glance

Cheren is a young man of average height with a thin frame. Despite his clean and tidy image, Cheren has an ahoge (アホげ, literally "foolish hair") that juts out directly from the middle of head, though he is far from foolish. Whether it's academics, work ethic or general manners, Cheren is tough and strict with himself as well as others around him. One of his pet peeves is tardiness and his patience is frequently tested by Bianca, who has a tendency to lose track of time and direction. However, because of the way he presents himself and treats others, Cheren garners plenty of respect from his peers, his Pokémon, as well as the academy staff he gets involved with.



Cheren old.png Cheren art.png
Original sprite early in development. Current sprite design by dmjh93.


  • His birthday is a reference to the first time his anime counterpart debuted in the Best Wishes anime series in Japan, back in 2013.
  • Early in development, Cheren's outfit was based on his Pokémon Black and Pokémon White design, as shown above with his glasses.
  • Cheren is one of few characters with more than one pose, the others being Whitney and Flannery.